Frances Brady is a two-person collective comprised of Marta Lee (based in Brooklyn) and
Anika Steppe (based in Chicago). These are images of our exhibition Much More Together at Underdonk in Brooklyn.
(Install image by Ocean STUDIOS)

Text by Francesca Balboni:
Since 2017, Frances Brady has explored methods for combining painting and photography, Lee and Steppe’s primary mediums, respectively, through play and intuitive making. Their work follows the trajectory of Sufjan Stevens’ discography, each body of work drawing on the themes of individual albums to create prompts and parameters for their collaborations across media.Much More Together is Frances Brady’s third exhibition and body of work. Like Sufjan Stevens’ much-debated Age of Adz album–a glitchy, electronic, and extremely personal departure from the dulcet, removed storytelling of Stevens’ state concept albums–this collaboration cuts a new path.
(Install image by Ocean STUDIOS)

What unfurled are eleven, two-dimensional objects that manifest a shimmery morphology of pattern, texture, form. Populated by runes, circles, florals, “Duplicate”s, nubby and streaky and translucent surfaces, these experiments in analog glitch (temporal and material) and digital montage aggregate a mysterious symbolic system. Although this system evokes the private space of affinity between two friends, it is generously open; finding themselves outside of themselves, this work invites viewers to relish doing the same, much more together.
(Install image by Ocean STUDIOS)

effortless ease

Inkjet transfer and Phototex on wood panel


Unknowable Signals

Acrylic, colored pencil, transfers, & water-soluble crayon on wood panel 20x24in

Looking Down; Lennie's Debut

Inkjet transfers and Phototex on wood panel


Looking Down; A round U

Acrylic, watersoluble crayon, & graphite on canvas


The vehicle becomes the thing

Inkjet transfer, instant prints, & Phototex on wood panel


one and one is three

Acrylic, watersoluble crayon, Phototex & inkjet transfer on linen panel with frame


A view of a view of a view (mine, yours, theirs)

Photograph printed on chiffon


All dressed in radiant colors

Acrylic, watersoluble crayon, & oil on wood panel


Although that sounds dumb

B&W negatives, silver gelatin prints, & bubble wrap with frame


Double skunk

Acrylic, inkjet transfer, colored pencil, Phototex, matte medium transfer & watersoluble crayon on linen panels

10 panels, 9x12in each

Twice removed (bubbles)

Acrylic & watersoluble crayon on linen over canvas